Our Business Terms & Conditions


CROSS Specialist Cleaning Services exercise the greatest of care when cleaning your Carpet, Hard Floors, Rugs, Upholstery and Leather. We adhere as much as possible to the Professional standards of service and workmanship as approved by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). We reserve the right to determine the proper process of cleaning that is suitable for the specified items on this quote.

Due to the nature of the materials we clean, we cannot guarantee all spots, stains or odours will be removed. Many times these types of stains or odour are due to a spillage, a chemical solution on hard flooring, or something unknown to or forgotten by the consumer and may become apparent after cleaning.

Some examples of these materials are animal urine, inks, make-up, acid-based beverages, foods, shop purchased cleaning products plus many more. With our advanced equipment, solutions and techniques, in most cases stains and odours can be completely removed or at least greatly reduced. If the stain or odour cannot be removed, CROSS Specialist Cleaning Services must still be paid the FULL amount.

CROSS Specialist Cleaning cannot be responsible for defects that may become apparent only after cleaning. Some common examples of this would be white knot in oriental rugs, writing on the back of upholstery or a blemish in leather hides.  CROSS Specialist Cleaning Services will assume no responsibility for conditions that may occur beyond our control.

Minimum call-out charge £80.00

Payment Terms

Payment is due upon completion of the job unless otherwise agreed prior to arrival. Late payment fees will be added to invoices 7 days past the due date. We accept cash, bank transfer or cheque (before we leave).