Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Professional Stone Floor cleaning service in Brighton and Sussex.

CROSS Specialist Cleaning are professionally trained by TileMaster to clean, polish and restore all manner of tiles and natural stone. We can restore and transform a dull, scratched natural stone floor into a beautifully clean, charming masterpiece that is an alluring focal point when you welcome visitors into your home or commercial premises.

Restore the look of your natural stone floor

Some stone floors are more durable than others but all stone floors require maintenance to keep them looking their best. Dirt and grit carried in from outside can cause scratches and everyday spills can also cause damage to stone floors. If they are not mopped up quickly, acidic spills e.g. wine or citrus can be particularly damaging.

If the stone is not sealed properly, or a cheaper ‘topical’ seal has worn off over time exposing the bare surface, stone floors can be exhausting to maintain and the floor is at greater risk of damage, creating a restoration task instead of a cleaning task.

Are you thinking all Stone cleaning companies are the same?

We never lower our standards with any of our cleaning services. Our focus has always been on ‘quality cleaning’ at a satisfactory price. We use premium cleaning and protection solutions and top of the range equipment to achieve the best deep cleaning and floor restoration possible – no expense is spared.

Do it right and do it once

Setting this level of quality craftsmanship sets us aside from general cleaning companies, and those who lack the essential training and merely dip into tile and grout cleaning.

Stone flooring cleaning and restoration - TileMaster Brighton

Our high standards achieve optimum results each and every clean – we don’t cut corners to save time!!

We use the TileMaster Cleaning system - Restore, Protect, Maintain

Working with Tilemaster, the largest network of tile and stone cleaning specialists in the UK, our customers benefit from a fantastic local cleaning service backed up by a nationally recognised brand with extensive industry knowledge and experience.

What Natural Stone Floors Can We Clean?

We can clean, seal or polish all types of natural stone to include:

  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terracotta
  • Quarry tiles
  • Victorian tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • York Stone flags
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glazed Ceramic
Tile cleaning Saltdean - TileMaster Pro Brighton
Want to get your stone flooring cleaned or polished?

Need a Quote? Got any questions? …or need some cleaning advice?

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Expert restoration and polishing of Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Slate, Sandstone, Travertine, Victorian tiles in the Brighton and Sussex area.

The key benefits of our stone floor cleaning service

  • Remove years of dirt, oils and grease.
  • Restore the natural beauty of your natural stone floor.
  • Non-allergenic cleaning solutions used, safe for children and pets.
  • Quick drying times.
  • Option of a breathable impregnating sealer.
  • Option of a colour enhancer.
  • Trained, uniformed technician.
  • FULLY Insured.
  • Quality deep cleaning throughout.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
Limestone floor cleaning Brighton - demonstration
Victorian tile cleaning Brighton and Sussex
Victorian tile cleaning in Brighton - TileMaster Brighton

Our Stone Floor Cleaning Process

Our TileMaster specialist cleaning solutions have been specifically developed to clean and remove all types of dirt and residues from your natural stone floor. We achieve excellent results by removing ground-in dirt, grease and chemical residues which have been left by years of foot traffic and maintenance cleaning.

Our cutting edge machines are the perfect solution for cleaning all varieties of stone flooring. It enables us to clean floors in space restrictive areas from edge to edge without splashing!!

Strip and Seal

Some floors require more than deep cleaning, especially if the floor has previously been sealed with a number of ‘topical’ seals which may have worn over time. In this instance, we strip the surface right back to expose the bare stone so it’s uniform across the whole floor. Grout lines are deep cleaned, then the floor is sealed using a premium quality, breathable ‘impregnator’ which absorbs into the stone, offering protection from within and not just the surface!

Once we have thoroughly cleaned the surface bringing colour back to your floor, we offer you maintenance cleaning advice to ensure your floor looks spectacular for many years to come.

Prior to arrival we survey all jobs to assess the floor for any damage or potential pitfalls during the cleaning process and measure the area. We identify which type of stone you have by completing a couple of tests and provide a short demonstration to establish how well your floor will clean.

The cleaning results of stone floors can vary and how well they clean will depend on factors such as age, amount of soiling or whether the floor has been sealed or not. We want to be 100% up front with you and meet your expectations. The survey is a great opportunity for you to meet us and answer any questions you may have.

We can achieve a variety of finishes, so we discuss with you the desired look and finish you want be it a natural or matt, satin or shine. We can even enhance the colour to make the floor pop!

Before we start the job, a protective film is applied around furniture and skirting boards to safeguard against any splashes.

The floor is vacuumed thoroughly to remove any dirt or grit laying on the surface which will prevent potential scratches.

To achieve the best finish, we must first start with a blank canvas. We will remove any seal or dressing that has previously been applied.

A premium cleaning solution from TileMaster,suitable for your type of stone, is applied which will start to break down the soils.

After sufficient dwell time we use our specialist agitation equipment. Either the world renowned Klindex Rotary scrubber or the TileMaster vibrating pad system (choice of machine is dependent on the size of area being operated on). This solution/agitation combination works deep into the stone to remove ground in dirt and residues from cleaning chemicals which have built up over years.

Note: If your Stone floor has been cleaned using an unsuitable cleaning solution, it can actually cause a build-up of soils and gradually tarnish the look of the floor, maybe even causing damage. This is especially so in Kitchens where there are cooking oils and heavy footfall.

Now the dirt has been gently lifted, it is time to give the floor a thorough rinse removing all traces of soils and cleaning solution.

Air movers are used to speed dry the area ready for sealing. Depending on the type of stone and finish you want to achieve, we may need to leave the floor for a few days to dry before the seal can be applied.

If you want your stone floor polished, we use cutting edge diamond pads to achieve the level of shine you desire, as per the demo on the survey, before the floor is sealed.

Several applications of ‘Impregnating’ seal are applied. We only use Premium grade seals from TileMaster which penetrate the stone offering protection from within. These are better quality than topical seals which can wear and cause the floor to look patchy over time. The seal with aid maintenance cleaning.

Once we have finished our clean & seal process, we provide you with a FREE bottle of pH Neutral Cleaner (enough for 6 months) and offer you maintenance cleaning advice to ensure your floor looks spectacular for many years to come.

Hey Presto, now visualise how your floor will look! When your floor is restored, you will be able to show it off when you invite visitors around.

Maintenance Plan

Would you like a tailored maintenance plan? A deep clean after 12 months will not only keep your floor looking fresh in appearance but enables us to top up seals ensuring maximum protection. On commercial and high traffic properties, a maintenance clean may be required over 12 month intervals.

Get in touch and we can tailor a cleaning or restoration plan to suit your needs

Do you have a damaged floor? We can undertake minor repairs such as filling cracks and polishing out scratches.

Porcelain and Ceramic floors are treated with the same amount of care and attention.

Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Brighton and Sussex - beforeStone Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Brighton and Sussex - after
Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration Brighton and Sussex - before test patchStone Floor Cleaning and Restoration Brighton and Sussex - test patch

We are so confident in our cleaning services that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or we will re-clean your stone floor for FREE!

Professional Stone Polishing

Our stone polishing service produces stunning results, tailored to whatever shine you desire.

Whether you have elegant marble or hard wearing Granite, there is no avoiding the fact that at some point, it will require honing and polishing to restore the shine!

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Sussex

Stone Polishing Process

Each stone floor is unique so this process and the steps we take can vary to some degree. Regardless, the results we produce are simply stunning.

First the floor is deep cleaned as per our cleaning process above (steps 1-6). On the survey, we will do a test polish to ascertain the level of shine you want to achieve.

We make necessary repairs to the floor e.g. filling cracks, chips or holes. If the floor has stains, scratches or is etched, we use a series of diamond pads to lightly hone the surface to a clean, smooth layer. This step reveals the stones natural colours and characteristics.

Now we start polishing the stone with graduated finer grit diamond pads to the level of shine you decide.

Note: If you desire a mirror shine, we can achieve this by using our cutting edge Hybrid pads, so long as the tiles are flat with less than 5mm lippage.

Next the floor is thoroughly rinsed to remove slurry, leaving it completely clean and sealed as per the cleaning process (steps 7 to 10).

If you want to maintain the high shine, we can offer a maintenance package which is a fraction of the cost of the initial price to restore the floor.

Entrance hall marble floor polishing Sussex - before and afters
Marble floor polishing Brighton - before and after
Stone cleaning and polishing in Sussex

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